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How do we need you? Well, to be entirely frank with you, we need staff and we need some staff pretty fast really. At the moment Iím down to one other staff member who looks after the forums with me, and thatís it! Although Iíve managed to keep the site ticking over all by myself before Ė and I could probably do it again Ė Iíd much rather share the workload with others.

We donít need many staff, only a couple of other people who are prepared to work hard for the site. I donít expect a news post, an article or something every single day; however, when thereís news going on I expect it to be updated. In the past there has been too many staff thatíve promised the world and done literally nothing. Weíve also had some amazing staff in the past a well Ė so I know that youíre out there. In terms of News Reporting you really donít require any knowledge of HTML or the way that website work Ė you just need to have a great master of the English language and you need to know how a forum works. Of course, youíll need to know how to modify the size of images and alike, but those things can be taught and arenít a massive issue to overcome.

We will also need a lot of staff to write for our once well-known monthly Zelda e-zine: Harkinian. Four or five different writers who are able to produce a few articles a month to fill up a high quality Zelda based magazine. The site runs independently to what happens on Rauruís Return and will be run as such.

We need some Media Managers as well. These people will be responsible for maintaining our growing Media sections. So weíd need you to be able to scan Playerís Guides, maintain the official art sections and screenshots sections. Not to mention scout out magazine scans and make sure that we have everything possible.

If you are interested in any of the positions, or want to know more about them please email me at webmaster[at]raurusreturn[dot]net with the subject Staff Position and any questions and or past experience in what you want to do.

- Ian